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We value our relationships with our Families

Partnerships with Families

Here at The Hills District Childcare we value our relationships with our Families. We take pride in having trusting and respectful partnerships with all families. We work with parents to involve them in decisions in relation to our policies and procedures along with our everyday practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How do we communicate?

Facebook has proven to be our best form of communication, we only accept current families to the page. On our Facebook page we include any correspondence to families, our calendar of events, and about your child’s day including photos and what meals they have eaten during the day. Within your child’s room the Educators will also have communication books for you to leave messages along your child’s portfolios documenting your child’s learning journey.

Along with Facebook we use emails to notify parents of any events or illnesses within the centre.
Click the Facebook icon above to link directly to our Parent Group Page.

What are the daily fees ?
Are there discounts for planned holidays?

Our daily fees are:

  • Nursery 0-12 months $134.00
  • Junior Toddlers 12 -18 months $134.00
  • Toddlers 18 – 24 months $134.00
  • Junior Kindy 2 – 3 yrs $134.00
  • Kindy 3-4 yrs $127.00
  • Pre Prep 4-5 yrs $107.00  

Weekly daily fees are:

  • Nursery 0-12 months $113.00 
  • Junior Toddlers 12 -18 months $113.00
  • Toddlers 18 – 24 months $113.00
  • Junior Kindy 2 – 3 yrs$113.00
  • Kindy 3-4 yrs $109.00
  • Pre Prep 4-5 yrs $97.00
Families are entitled to 4 weeks per year of holidays at a discounted rate of 30%, giving 2 weeks notice. ( for example if your child attends 3 days per week your discounted rate would cover you for 12 days per year).On enrollment you will receive our handbook which outlines our policies, procedures, our daily fees along with information relating to day to day practices.

What is provided by the centre for my child ?

Whilst your child is in care with us, we provide meals including; Breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. We also supply a hat, nappies, wipes and sunscreen.

How are fees paid ?

We use Debit Success. Fees are deducted from your nominated bank account each Friday and you are required to be 1 week in advance. You are required to pay for Public Holidays and Absences.

What should I bring to Childcare ?

Each day you should bring a back pack for your child with the following:

  • Water bottle – water only, no juice or cordial
  • At least 2 sets of spare clothes
  • Fitted cot sheet and comforters for rest period
  • Bottles with milk or formula or breastmilk if required
  • Swim wear for water park activities in warmer weather
  • Late snack if your child is here after 4:45pm

Please ensure that all items are labelled with your child’s name.

How do I claim the childcare subsidy ?

You can claim for your subsidy through Centrelink. Your family’s level of Child Care Subsidy is determined using the following factors:

  • Combined family
  • Activity test
  • Service type

The Childcare Subsidy will be paid directly to your service provider and will be passed onto you as your fee reduction. To qualify for the Childcare Subsidy:

  • Your child attends an approved child care service
  • Your child meets government immunization requirements
  • You are an Australian resident or holder of a qualifying visa
  • You are either working, looking for work, training or studying

What support is available for Children with additional needs ?

Our service engages with KU Inclusion support. We have regular visits and receive ideas and strategies to use to assist children. We are also able to receive funding to provide support workers to assist children to participate in the care environment.

What are the centres open hours ?

Our Centres operating hours are Monday to Friday 6:15am – 6:15pm. We are open 52 weeks of the year only closing for Public Holidays.


How do you help my child settle into childcare ?

On enrolment we encourage our families to come for stay and plays. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the educators who will be taking care of your children. Educators will use this time to be able to talk about children’s routines, likes, dislikes and interests. Our educators enjoy having you in their rooms to get to know you and your family.

What Educational Programs will my child participate in ?

Each Educator uses the Early Years Learning Framework as a foundation for their teaching. In our Kindergarten program the Teacher used the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines.

We welcome parent involvement within our service and maintain an open door policy. Educators appreciate parents providing feedback into their planning as this ensures that we are able to meet the same goals for your children. It is nice to be able to share photos and stories about your holidays as we can incorporate this into our experiences along with your children being able to tell their friends about their time away.
Throughout the year we also hold several events that we encourage parents, grandparents and any other special person to come along to and spend time engaging with your children during these celebrations.

Within our service we also engage with KU Inclusion support to allow us to provide for children with additional needs.

After completing our Rating And Assessment in 2018 we were rated with Meeting the National Quality Standards.