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The Hills District Childcare Centre

The Hills District Childcare Centre was Established in 2012. We are a family owned and run
business. We offer 6 care environments with 3 outdoor play areas and a waterpark.

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0-12 months ratio 1:4

In our Nursery, Educators are building safe, secure and trusting relationships with families while using home routines to ensure smooth transitions in our care environments.

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Junior Toddlers

12-18 months ratio 1:4

In Junior Toddlers, Educators provide a warm caring environment. Children are offered experiences that are based on interests and to build upon skills and knowledge.

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Senior Toddlers

18-24 months ratio 1:4

Educators continue to nurture Children’s growth and learning. Experiences are developed around Children’s interests and developmental milestones.

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Junior Kindy

2-3 years ratio 1:5

Experiences are offered to challenge and stimulate Children’s development. Social Skills are developing, and educators encourage children with positive interactions during experiences with their peers.

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3-4 years ratio 1:11

Educators continue to develop social skills. Self-help skills are emerging, and Children are becoming more confident in making decisions about their learning.

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Pre Prep

4-5 years ratio 1:11

Children are focusing on preparing to enter school. Our Teacher provides an approved Kindergarten Program to develop skills and knowledge for each Child.

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Outdoor Environment

Our service offers 3 playgrounds and a waterpark for children to use. Children have opportunities while outside to participate in art/craft, climbing, using the monkey bars, playing in the sandpit, engaging in quiet activities and keeping busy in the construction zone.

Our favourite place to be is the waterpark. With its resort style feel with large established plants and trees, everyone enjoys getting wet and playing in the water.