At The Hills, we offer a Government-approved and funded Kindergarten Program.

Friendly Kindergarten Centre in Everton Hills.

The Pre-Prep Program

What is Pre-Prep?
Pre-Prep is the year before a child goes to school (Children must turn four by June 30). It is a fully approved kindergarten program run by a qualified teacher. Unlike the younger rooms which only link to the Early Years Learning Framework the kindergarten program follows the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines with close links to the  Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority. This way the children are prepared for the first year of prep  with a range of developed skills linking to what they will be covering in their foundation year of school scaffolding them for success. 

Our curriculum is flexible and child initiated. We follow the children’s interests and extend on them with play based learning while also ensuring that the five learning outcomes from the Early Years Learning Framework are continually being worked upon. The Hills District Childcare has a strong focus on Early Literacy and Numeracy. We bring the creative arts into every learning opportunity to make them memorable and exciting experiences. Every morning the children sing alphabet songs and practice skills such as name writing, letter recognition and discover the joy of reading. Numeracy skills are often included in the morning yoga session helping the children to count and time their breathing  becoming emotionally prepared for their day and learning how to become resilient strong individuals. 
The Hills District Childcare aims to engage all children and help them to love learning and discovering for themselves. The children are encouraged to be independent and confident learners who feel empowered by their curiosity. We aim to extend on physical abilities including gross and fine motor skills. 

About approved kindergarten programs

Approved kindergarten programs are designed to meet government guidelines to support children’s participation in quality early childhood education.

They are offered in:

An approved kindergarten program is:

Other Australian states or territories may call it ‘preschool’ or ‘kinder’.

The play-based learning delivered as part of an approved kindergarten program helps children:

  • prepare for school
  • develop a love of learning
  • make friends
  • develop skills useful for life. 

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